5 Reasons Why You Should Look For An Active Lifestyle

Mumbai is an island city surrounded by water on all sides. The city thus has limited land to expand. Although it is now growing vertically, it is almost impossible to find open space for physical activity and exercise. That is also one of the reasons why land is scarce and most expensive in the country. Residents of Mumbai often struggle to find open spaces for physical activity like exercises and outdoor activities.

Let us look at why it is important to lead an active lifestyle

1. Health and Fitness

The importance of being healthy and fit cannot be undermined. Especially after the Covid pandemic, people have become very health conscious. In such situations having access to health clubs, open spaces or swimming pools would be crucial. Most real estate builders in Mumbai now offer these amenities in new residential projects.

2. Stress Management

Living and working in Mumbai translates to high stress. The commute to work, dealing with work pressure and commitments, and running the rat race can result in high-stress levels. It becomes essential to have an exercise regime to reduce stress levels and lead a healthy life.

3. Energy Levels

Cardiovascular exercises and yoga practices are known to boost energy levels. If there are open green spaces in the residential project you live in, you can allot some time in the mornings for exercise. This will ensure that you sustain your energy for the whole day and do not feel drained easily.

4. Social Life

Open spaces and amenities like clubhouses and physical activity centers are ideal places to meet like-minded people to find friends and form social groups. It is known that social events and interactions are natural stress busters. Being a part of the community is essential for healthy mental health and a general sense of well-being. A great example is that of the festivals celebrated by projects with flats in Kandivali East. Ganesh festival, Durga puja, and Diwali are celebrated with great pomp and vigor by the association of the members of societies forging a sense of togetherness and social connectedness.

5. Mental Health

Exercise, active physical and social life are factors that help promote a sense of well being and happiness. Projects like Sarova in Kandivali East have all the amenities and facilities that ensure a wholesome life for its members. One can get sufficient physical exercise, space for mental well-being, opportunities to socialise as well as opportunities to spend time alone. All these factors ensure that all members of a family can live a fulfilling life.

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