Amenities You Should Look For in Apartments in Kandivali

Apartments in Kandivali: Kandivali is home to some of the best residential projects in Mumbai and more are in the making. The evolving trends of homebuying are rapidly making their way into the market both from the developer’s as well as the homebuyer’s point of view. This includes all the new coming amenities, infrastructural plans, road mapping the lifestyles of the new residents. When looking for flats in Kandivali, you must be aware of the amenities you get.

Some of them are mentioned below

Amenities in the Community

Community amenities are the ones you get outside of your unit property in the specific project. They ensure your lifestyle outside your home in the community. These amenities include On-site management, 24-hour emergency staff, Common areas, Wi-Fi facilities, a Business Center, a Resident lounge, a coffee bar, Fitness corners, Pool, fixed Parking, and much more. Then there are Guest suites, clothes cleaners, a grocery store, a community garden, a pet park, a Picnic area, and other outdoor conveniences.

Neighborhood Amenities

The surrounding environment of Sarova, Kandivali East determines a set of neighborhood amenities that include every convenience outside the project community where you will be living. These include connectivity to major roadways, Accessible public transportation, Nearby supermarkets, and cafes for an evening outside. There also are Restaurants, malls, hospitals, educational institutes, and much more which are counted as the amenities thoughtfully placed by the developer when constructing the project.

Amenities at home

There are standard amenities that you get on your property which include a proper range of Kitchen Appliances, Modern fittings for the washroom, bedrooms, and everywhere else, proper lighting set up across the home, the HVAC system to keep the house warm, all the safety features, smart features like Wi-fi, Storage facilities and much more. These are what get you started on your new journey in life.

In conclusion, there are a lot of considerations you need to have to get what you deserve for the price you are willing to pay when buying a home. Sarova is a developer in Kandivali, that provides you with the above-mentioned amenities at an unmatched price range.

Have a look at the amenities you get before you make your decision. Once you make a budget with which you are looking for your new home, you can understand where you can negotiate and get more for the price bracket you are working with.

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