I Want To Buy A Home in Dombivli Which Amenities Should I Consider The Most

Dombivli is a suburb in the northern part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. It is well connected to important hubs like Thane, Kalyan, and Mumbai. The Mumbai suburban railway network has an excellent frequency of trains from the suburb. Dombivli has been a major residential area for the working class for decades. Due to rapid growth in the real estate market, Dombivli too is seeing major growth in the number of residential projects. It also hosts excellent social infrastructure to support this growth. Swaminarayan city is one such project that offers world class apartments and amenities to the new home buyer.

1. Kid’s Play Area

A property in Dombivli West will provide ample open spaces and lush green gardens that encourage children to move out of their homes. The dedicated play areas allow children to run, jump, and be themselves without any restrictions. Physical activity, the outdoors, and playing games promote the health and well-being of kids and young adults.

2. Swimming Pool and Water Activity

The Dombivli heat can be severe and what better way to beat it with a dip in the pool? With all the safety measures in place designed especially for children pools are a great place to not just learn swimming but also make friends and foster camaraderie.

3. Indoor Games and Activity rooms

What will the kids do when it is raining? Indoor activity centers have the answer with activities like indoor games, playrooms, toys, arts and crafts activities, music, and dance programs, etc. All these help children develop important skills like teamwork and develop hobbies and interests that can be useful in their future.

4. Sports and Games

Family-friendly projects like Swaminarayan City in Dombivli west offer a range of sports and recreational spaces where children can play sports. Apart from maintaining good health, sports enable children to develop important life skills. Sports like cricket, football, tennis, basketball etc allow children and adults to have a good time. They foster a spirit of teamwork, discipline, and healthy competition among friends and adversaries.

5. Community Events and Socializing

Most of the family-friendly 2 BHK flats in Dombivli West encourage social celebrations on the premises by inviting residents to participate. Gatherings and events during national holidays, and festivals like Navratri and Diwali create friendships and bonds that help develop a sense of community of belonging. These bonds are the ones that are useful during trying times when families support each other. These occasions also help seal strong relationships among family members imparting cultural morals and values for young children to carry forward in their lives.

These are important initiatives that builders and developers in Dombivli take up to make their projects family-friendly and children-friendly. These important aspects improve the overall quality of life for the residents and create a positive attitude for the developers.

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