Korigad Fort, Lonavala: History, Trek, How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

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Korigad Fort, Lonavala: History, Trek, How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

Korigad is a hill fort near Lonavala in Pune.


This fort is located near Lonavala, 20 km from Pune. The date of construction of the fort is not known but it is probably before the year 1,500. The height of this fort is about 923 meters above sea level.

The planned settlement of Aamby valley was built on the southern and eastern hillsides of the fort. The nearest village is Peth Shahpur which is about 1 km north of the fort.

History of Korigad Fort

When Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj captured the forts of Logarh, Visapur, Tung and Tikuna, he also took Korigad fort with others. In 1818 Colonel Prother tried to take the fort but failed after a long siege. Finally on 14 March, he conquered the fort with the help of cannon and the fort came under the control of the British.

Architecture of Korigad Fort

There is also a temple of Korai Devi, the goddess of the fort, along with several smaller temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Shiva. The fort has been recently renovated and has a 3-foot tall lamp.

The fortress wall is completely intact and can be walked for 2 km along its entire perimeter. The great gate of its fort is also intact. Remains of many ancient structures still exist in the fort. It has six cannons – the largest being the Lakshmi cannon near the Korai Devi temple.

What Do You See in Korigad Fort

  • There are two lakes in the fort. It is full of water all the time except summer.
  • Korai Devi Temple
  • The walls of the fort are still strong.
  • In the fort there are some old cannon that were used in the early days of the war.
  • 5 of which are smaller and the largest one is near Korai Devi Temple.

How To Get To Korigad Fort

You must have your own vehicle to reach Korigad as there are very few transport options available from Lonavala. From Lonavala, take Aamby Valley Road, then take the road back to Peth Shahpur village. On-road parking is arranged near the bus stop. A five-foot wide dirt road leads to the steps of Korigad Fort. Climbing the fort is easy. You can also hire a taxi from Lonavala.

Aamby Valley buses are also available from Lonavala Bus Station. This fort can be visited at any time of the year. There are many camping sites in the fort. There are three temples in the fort that are covered in a large. Korai Devi Temple can accommodate 25 people.

Climbing the fort is very easy. It only takes one hour to reach the top of the fort. Once you start from the base village you have to walk about 15 minutes through the forest and after that there are only stairs to climb.


Korigad is a hill fort located about 20 kilometers south of Lonavala in Pune district, Maharashtra, India.

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