Legal Considerations When Buying Property in Pune

Buying a home in a major city like Pune is an important life decision. It is considered a landmark event for many people and involves an investment of time, emotions, and money. Most home buyers are either investing or will be investing their life’s earnings and savings, making this event a very critical financial decision too.

Given the current scenario where we hear news of so many home buyers facing difficulties in their journey of buying a home not just in Pune, but in other cities too, it becomes mandatory that one tread this path carefully. The most important aspect of purchasing a property in Pune is the legalities involved in the process.

Making sure that the property in question is free of any discrepancies that would pose a threat to its ownership and occupation, becomes the most important part of the process.

As a major destination for many home buyers and investors, leading developers and builders in Pune offer a range of properties to choose from. No matter how reputed the real estate company in Pune is, the buyer must do the legal due diligence to be on the safest side. This is true for ready-for-possession or under-construction projects in Pune.

Let us look at all the legal prerequisites and documents that need to be in order before one can make the final decision of owning the property.



A property can be bought only from the entity that owns it. All documents that prove ownership and clear titles should be scrutinized properly. The ongoing projects in Pune should not have any pending legal disputes or mortgages. The title deed available at the sub-registrar’s office ensures that the titles are legitimate.

Encumbrance Certificate

The Encumbrance Certificate (EC) can be obtained by submitting the sales deed to the sub registrar’s office in Pune. The document is a record of all the transactions done on the property since the EC was registered. It is also proof that the project is free of dues and disputes.

Property Tax Receipts

The property tax due to the Pune municipality should be cleared by the developer in Pune before they can sell the property. If not done, then the buyer will be liable to pay the same.

RERA Certificate

Any property that is built on land measuring 500 sq. meters or more or has eight apartments, must be registered under the Real Estate Regulatory Act or RERA. It ensures the developer’s credibility with respect to past performance and reputation.

Occupancy Certificate (OC):

The Occupancy Certificate (OC) is a compliance certificate issued by the regulatory authorities and is a very important document needed before possession.

No Objection Certificates (NOC):

The No Objection Certificates are issued by the Fire Department, Pollution Control Board and Highway authorities, and Aviation Clearance in Pune. The developer should have the relevant NOCs depending on the location of the property in Pune.

If all the documentation is in place the buyer should then do a physical survey of the property to check if it meets all the specifications mentioned in the plans. The buyer will also get a fair idea of the surroundings, accessibility, and amenities at the location claimed by the developer.

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