Living in An Integrated Township in Mumbai

An integrated township is a self-sufficient community that includes residential, commercial, recreational, and other essential facilities within its premises. These townships present a solution to the ever-growing and congested metropolises. Availing basic amenities and facilities becomes a major hindrance with increasing population density.

A township that provides all the amenities including employment act like cities within cities. There are many benefits they offer and are hence becoming popular amongst new home buyers and investors.


Townships in Mumbai offer all the amenities that one seeks within the premises. Parks, gardens, green spaces, jogging tracks, clubhouses, swimming pools, sports, and gymnasium centers, yoga and meditation spas, schools, hospitals, and restaurants are some of the many facilities that can be expected in a township. The residents do no have to travel long distances to different locations to avail these facilities.


A township makes life very comfortable as it completely removes the commute or transport to locations outside the residential premises. One can avail of the numerous facilities within a few minutes. Workplaces, schools, colleges, hospitals, and shopping centers are the places one visits every day. These places are located within a few minutes from where you stay giving you more time.

Better Infrastructure

Roads, sewage systems, water supply, electricity supply, and other utilities are better maintained in a township. Also, dedicated management ensures that these limited resources are managed well to avoid any inconveniences. Townships are well-planned with modern equipment making life systematic and organized for its residents. A good example is Sarova in Kandivali which has received very good reviews from its residents.

Safety and Security

Integrated townships have stringent security systems with gated areas, CCTV surveillance, and security personnel ensuring high-level safety for their members. Since almost all the facilities and amenities are present within the premises, any risk or danger from entities outside the townships is reduced considerably.  The residents can rest assured and comfortable with their security and safety.

Community Living

Most township projects in Mumbai emphasize on community living for its members. Developing a community within the township we live forms a sense of belonging and social connectedness. Members come together to celebrate occasions and festivals forming bonds to support each other. It also creates a healthy environment for children to grow up fostering lifetime connections.

All these factors have encouraged most ongoing projects in Mumbai to be developed as Integrated townships. Investors and first-time home buyers also prefer a township to standalone building complexes.

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