Projects with a Promising Future in Dahisar’s Real Estate Market

Dahisar is an important residential locality in the northern region of Mumbai. It is well-connected to the rest of the city by the suburban railway network, road network, and upcoming Metro projects. Once upon a time, Dahisar used to be a silent residential space. Workers employed in the heart of Mumbai would live and commute from Dahisar to their work daily. Today, it is a thriving suburb with many projects, offering world-class amenities and facilities. The new and upcoming projects in Dahisar offer a promising future for the suburb and for the city of Mumbai.

In this blog, we will explore these projects:

Luxury projects

A few years ago, luxury projects were seen only in central and South Mumbai. With the rising income and rapid urbanization, people are ready to invest in luxury projects even in far-flung suburbs like Dahisar. The new projects in Dahisar have the best design and architecture. They have fewer amenities and facilities for social infrastructure. The residents of these luxury projects can live the best life with all the facilities nearby and stunning views of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The sky rises coming up in the Sir. Prove that luxury projects have truly arrived in the suburb. The amenities are world-class with infinity pools, terrace gardens, podium-level amenities, and opulent interiors. The luxury projects in the Dahisar will change the face of the suburb.

Smart homes

The upcoming projects in Dahisar have smart home technology built into them. This allows the residents to live a remote-controlled life, where they can control electronic devices, electrical appliances, and other machines used in the household using a remote control. They can also control these devices when they are not at home. These homes are very high security, powered by technology that allows the owners of the residence remote access. Smart home technology with the use of artificial intelligence, will change the way residents live in these projects in Dahisar. The lighting, air-conditioning, and the environment within the homes, will be controlled automatically according to the preferences of the owners.


The upcoming 2 BHK apartments in Dahisar are environmentally sensitive. They are built with eco-eco-friendly materials that have a low-carbon food print. The manufacture of these materials used lesser non-renewable sources of energy. The projects have ample greenery and plantation within the projects so that the projects are eco-friendly and eco-sensitive, the projects employ rainwater harvesting, recycling of water, and renewable energy sources like solar panels. All these factors contribute to less of a lesser carbon footprint. These projects have been designed to create a cleaner and healthier environment for the future.

As we can see, these projects will change the real estate landscape in Mumbai. They are technologically advanced and environmentally friendly, striking a perfect balance.

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