Save Trees Essay in English For Students and Children

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Save Trees Essay in English For Students and Children

Trees have been fulfilling human needs since ancient times. Plants play an important role in our life.


Trees provide grains, herbs, fruits, flowers, fuel and wood for man to build houses. Above all, trees provide clean air for all of us, prevent pollution, prevent water runoff, prevent soil erosion, and help maintain ecological balance.

In ancient times, humans used tree, ate fruits and flowers, made wooden weapons, and killed animals for food. Burning of trees and wood frightens animals, so trees are worshiped in India and trees like Tulsi, Banana, Berry etc.

Hundreds of years ago, India had vast forest resources. But due to industrialization and urbanization many trees are being cut down.

Growing buildings and factories are turning cities into concrete jungles. Deforestation and forest destruction have increased the potential for land degradation, extreme climate change and loss of wildlife.

Importance of planting trees

The importance of planting trees is mentioned in the scriptures. Plants and trees are essential for the life of all humans in this world. People of India have been worshiping trees like Tulsi, Banana, Wood etc. since the beginning of the year. Science today has shown how important these trees and plants are to us.

Green environment

Trees keep the earth green. The greenery of the land is the main reason for its attraction. It is nice to live in a place with lots of plants and trees. Trees provide shade.

Trees provide shelter to animals and birds. Many animals like monkeys, lizards, snakes, birds etc. They live comfortably on trees. Humans and animals rest in a peaceful environment.

Fruits, medicines

Plants give us fruits, flowers, rubber, wood, herbs etc. In ancient times sages used to live in forests and fulfil all the necessities of life.

As development progressed, people started cutting down trees and using their wood to make furniture for their homes. As industry developed, people also cleared forests for industry.

For the study of oxygen and science

Scientists have studied the harmful effects of reducing the number of trees. They concluded that the loss of trees is mainly due to air pollution.

They use harmful carbon dioxide in the air to release oxygen. Everyone needs oxygen. So there should be enough trees on the land.

Helping in rain

They can attract clouds. The tree holds the soil firmly and prevents soil erosion.

They also help prevent rise in ambient temperature. Where there are more trees, there is fresh air in summer. That is why people talk about planting more and more trees.

For a balanced environment

For a balanced ecosystem, it is believed that one-third of the total area should be covered by forests. But at present the forests are not to that extent. Its results are visible everywhere. Hence tree planting is the need of the hour.

We should all set aside one day a month. Trees should be planted in suburban areas, roadsides, hilly areas, residential areas and wherever there is open space.

Benefits of trees

Forests are our resources and natural wealth. A balanced natural life is not possible without trees. It is alarming that now only ten percent of the dense forests are left.

  • Trees have many benefits.
  • Trees protect us from air pollution.
  • Clean air provides pure oxygen to plants.
  • Trees control the seasons.
  • Trees protect us from extreme heat, extreme cold, excessive rain.
  • Many medicines are made from plants.
  • Fruits of trees like mango, banana, apple etc. are used for food.
  • Flowering plants like Rose, Mogra, etc. They perfume the environment.

These are the main benefits of trees. Apart from this, there are many other benefits. Plants act to cool down the scorching heat of the sun. Plants absorb heat from sunlight and produce food. Therefore, plants occupy the first place in the food chain.


The wealth of forests should be protected because if the trees are cut, India and the whole world will be destroyed. So it is important to protect the trees. It is a matter of happiness that the Government of India is paying attention to this.

If everyone takes care of it and plants trees, the number of trees will increase, and nature will repopulate. The greenery of the trees will brighten up the entire environment.

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