Top Footwear Trends to Rock in the Middle East This Season

The Middle East is one of the biggest global fashion hubs and is synonymous with the latest styles and designs, not just in apparel but also accessories and footwear. Several trends are undisputedly rocking the region this season, from varied ladies’ formal shoes to sneakers and other styles. This article takes a closer look at them.

Trending Middle East Footwear Styles Worth Checking Out

Multiple footwear styles are currently making a splash across the Middle East. While some signal a return to classic looks, others are undoubtedly unique and awe-inspiring.

Top Footwear Trends to Rock in the Middle East This Season

Here are some of them for your perusal:

  • Boots: Boots are back in fashion and how! They have attained rapid popularity in the Middle East, adding a unique touch to almost any look. From daytime sightseeing to social night outings, they make dynamic additions to every holiday wardrobe.
  • Chunky Trainers: Trainers are always in trend in the Middle East, and with good reason! More people choose these classic options, including boxy platform soles in neutral shades or even slightly brighter colors, to spice up their looks.
  • Kitten Heels: One of the current noticeable footwear trends in the Middle East is kitten heels. They are more feminine and can pair elegantly with various dresses. Look out for micro-heels from the top brands since there are plenty of choices
  • Caged Sandals: Caged sandals (or fisherman sandals) are also in the limelight for their unique designs. They are a great option for Dubai‚Äôs warm weather!
  • Espadrilles: You can get them with flat soles or a little bit of a heel, but espadrilles can be a good and comfortable option for casual wear outings since they are cushioned and offer good foot comfort.
  • Flip-Flops: Men and women often consider flip-flops the most obvious footwear for holidays, casual outings, and even last-minute dashes to the mall. These are predominantly 90s flip-flop styles that look good on almost anyone. Considering their huge popularity over the years, they are well on becoming evergreen footwear styles.
  • Clogs: Clogs are also favored among footwear lovers in the Middle East, primarily because of their sheer comfort and style. They are game-changers for those who want something fun and sporty to wear for casual outings.
  • Neutral Trainers: Once again, trainers dominate the category, with neutral or softer shades dominating the proceedings. Low-key and casual options in softer hues work well.
  • Flat Sliders: Sliders stand out for their simplicity and comfort. However, that does not mean that they lack overall refinement. You will find plenty of popular options across the Middle East, and they will complement almost any outfit, which is a major advantage!
  • White Shoes: A classic and sophisticated choice, white shoes are very popular. They are now available across multiple categories, from sandals to flats. White is so soothing that it automatically freshens almost any look, particularly for daytime outings.

Choosing Cool Footwear Options in the Middle East

Many choices mentioned above are available at leading global brands with a sizable presence across Dubai and various other Emirates. There are so many online options that you will be hard-pressed to choose one. If that is the case, go with your gut instinct while finalizing your purchase, checking the overall fit and comfort levels, along with the shoe’s material, look, and feel.

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