Unveiling Pune’s Newest Residential Marvels

As the real estate industry is growing in Pune, the residential landscape is changing at a very fast pace. Homebuyers today have a wide variety of apartments and homes to choose from the modern flats and commercial projects coming up in Pune are very different from the ones you saw in the past, with the growing disposable income and technological advances, real estate projects are also being transformed, and the new designs and architecture are creating living spaces that were unheard of.

Luxury living

The new residential projects in Pune have incorporated luxury living like never before the interiors of these apartments are opulent with the finest fixtures and fittings to give the residence a feeling of grandiose. French windows, allowing maximum light and air, and modern designs that compartmentalize different aspects systematically, are adopted by all projects coming up. The modern apartments that decorate the Pune skyline are proof of the high-rise living with scenic views that dominate the real estate projects.


The amenities provided by modern projects are far better than what we have seen in the past swimming pool clubhouse and open green spaces are the basic amenities that are expected by any Home. These days developers are competing to offer better amenities which pushes the residents for community living and socialising. Residents can spend festivals and public holidays together instilling a sense of belonging. Modern amenities like terrace pools, barbeque, pool, deck, restaurants, and cafes can now be seen in many of the projects.

Sustainable Living

Many modern projects in Pune are adopting sustainable living practices like rainwater harvesting, recycling of water, solar panels, and garbage segregation to reduce their carbon footprint. Developers try their best to use eco-sensitive raw materials in the construction of buildings thereby preserving non-renewable sources of energy.  The modern homebuyer is environmentally conscious and wants to leave behind a better future for their children.

Smart Home Technology

Most modern apartments have smartphone home technology instilled in them residents can now enjoy remote control of appliances and the ambiance of their homes. Modern apartments have superior security surveillance systems that ensure the protection of their loved ones like never before. Residents can enjoy ambiance within their homes that are preprogrammed to their preferences.

Gated Community Living

The concept of gated communities offering 1, 2, 3 BHK flats in Pune are becoming popular as these provide better security, exclusivity, and facilities.  Many gated communities have most of the facilities like schools, supermarkets, and food joints that make life convenient. Easy access to these facilities allows residents more time for leisure activities and personal life.

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