Comparative Analysis: Kochi Flats for Sale vs. Other Metro Cities

Although Kerala is a sought-after destination to settle down, Kochi stands out as the most preferred. There are several reasons for this. Other cities of Kerala are catching up too however, Kochi is way ahead of these in many ways.

Let us do a comparative analysis considering important factors:


Kochi is amongst the 20 smart cities selected by the central government to be developed in the coming years. This means that it will receive funds to develop its planned and improved infrastructure focusing on E-Governance, water management, power supply, sanitation, solid waste management, urban transport, and IT connectivity. These factors will make Kochi much better equipped to handle the surge in population. Kochi flats for sale will command better prices due to this advantage.

Other metro cities in Kerala will not get this attention and may lack in infrastructure to support the growth of real estate investment.


There are more than 450 IT companies and 250 companies from other industries which means that the economic development at Kochi is way ahead of other metro cities in Kerala. The opportunities for professionals, businessmen, and entrepreneurs are much greater than other metros. As a result, the demand for housing and flats for sale in Ernakulam will be high and are expected to keep on increasing.

Although other major metros in Kerala are also getting new IT parks and many companies are based there, the number is incomparable to Kochi. As a result, the pricing and demand for flats will be lesser there.

Quality of life

Kochi is the preferred destination to other metros as it offers an ideal mix of urbanization as well as natural surroundings for a perfect work-life balance. The social infrastructure like residential areas and townships are of superior quality when compared to others with the best facilities and amenities that are on par with international standards. The educational institutes, shopping malls, and entertainment avenues are some of the best in Kerala which cannot be said about the other metro cities. IT professionals and businessmen prefer Kochi as there are more opportunities for them to progress and provide the best living conditions for their families.


The investment attracted by Kochi is far greater than that of other metro cities. The apartments for sale in Kochi are in demand, especially by NRIs who invest their wealth in real estate in Kochi. This is because the number of projects by builders in Kochi with luxury and ultra-luxury homes with high-end amenities in prime locations is the highest in Kochi.

All these reasons make flats for sale in Kochi better options for home buyers and investment.

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