Kochi Real Estate: Why Kochi is Driving More Property Value

Kochi real estate: Kochi is known to be the economic capital of Kerala and has a splendid growth in the real estate domain over the recent few years.

Projects in Kochi maintain a standard of provisions for the residents with respect to the amenities, infrastructure, and lifestyle requirements. Builders in Kochi have ensured they keep up the quality of the city with their developments.

There are many reasons why Kochi has more property value,

Some are mentioned below:

India’s first global hub terminal:

Kochi has been one of the top cities but now has made new records by becoming the city with the largest and India’s first global hub terminal. Along with this, Kochi has a strong infrastructure with an International container transshipment terminal. This makes the city, the premier gateway.

Tier 2 city to have metro:

When looking for luxury flats in Kochi, you are bound to also look for the best connectivity options and Kochi has you covered. The metro railway ensures accessibility throughout the city and to the key checkpoints of Kochi. The tier 2 city to have a metro railway will be benefitting from the other smaller locations in Kochi as soon as it becomes functional.

High tourism growth:

Kochi has successfully preserved its heritage value which is a keen aspect of the increasing tourism in the city. The annual turnover that Kochi gets from tourism is 4 times the population it has of which 14% are foreigners and it’s increasing by 6% annually. Kochi aims to be the most preferred spot for tourism and the industries catering to it.

Amongst the top 20 smart cities:

Kochi is ranked 5th on the list of 20 top smart cities of India, by the ministry of urban development. Kochi has some of the best pan-city solutions, E-Governance, and water management methods along with efficient urban mobility, transport, IT connectivity, and much more.

IT Hubs:

The demand is high for 2 BHK flats for sale in Kochi, majorly because of the increasing commercial sectors which pour in a higher number of working-class people. Affiliated Computer Services, TCS, IBS Software Services, Wipro, OPI Global, and US Technology are some of the giants to have chosen Kochi as their location. Kochi aims at making Infopark into one major IT hub bringing in more businesses and more opportunities.

In conclusion, the rate of development for Kochi is faster than any other city around it, making it the best property value-bearing city in Kerala. The benefit of living in Kochi can be deemed when you make the investments at the right time.

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