Reasons To Invest in An Under-Construction Residential Property in Kothrud

The homebuying experience is one of the most exciting times of our lives and while ready-possession properties are always fascinating to look for, there is a different perspective to consider looking into under-construction properties as well. There are only limited opportunities you get to invest in real estate and leaving out a beneficial option might not be very helpful.

Below are the reasons why buying under-construction properties are advantageous.

Lower price bracket

When looking for under-construction projects in Pune, as compared to the ready-possession homes, the biggest difference that you might come across is the price bracket of the same inventory that you get. There is a high chance that you might have to pay about 10-30% less amount in an under-construction property depending on the locality, property type, and the builder.

Higher appreciation value

If you are looking to buy 3 BHK flats in Kothrud, you must know that planning is a crucial part of buying a property that is under construction. This is because the infrastructural development in that locality will determine the further value of the property. This also means that the cost of the property will increase as the construction progresses. Knowing the right time is important to get the most benefit out of an under-construction property.

Payments plans

There are many deals you get out of buying flats in Kothrud, which also include the flexibility of the payment plans that the builder is open to negotiating. These negotiable terms are more rigid and adamant when investing in the ready to move in properties. Under some circumstances, the builder might also agree to give you a further discount on the property cost.

Fresh facilities

An under-construction property is never touched until complete, which means that all the amenities and services that you get are brand new. This helps you avoid the problems like maintenance or repair costs of the home. You also get to customize how you want to get your property prepared. Let’s say you are finalizing 4 BHK flats in Kothrud, then going for an under-construction property could save your costs on changing the property layout unlike in ready-possession homes.


The schemes that you can churn the extra benefit out, are usually more applicable on the under-construction properties. The ready-to-move-in properties do not facilitate the convenience of buyers because the house is already ready.

In conclusion, if you are still in the planning stage for your investment in real estate, considering the under-construction properties might help you understand what you are saving. There are benefits that come with this type of property and that could help your home last longer without having to spend more.

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