The Ultimate Guide to Buying Your Home in Pune

Pune is the ideal location for the new home buyer to settle down. It offers many cultural experiences, has pleasant weather throughout the year, and is a hub of opportunities for working professionals and businessmen. There are many recreational avenues in Pune which is an important part of the youth today.

We bring you the ultimate guide to buying your home in this vibrant and growing city:

1. Budget

The first step in the journey of home buying is to know our budget. It is the most important information that will determine all the steps that will follow. It will determine the location, the size and configuration, the amenities and facilities, and the type of project.

2. Location

Depending on the budget, the location will play a vital role in the choice of the new home. The location of the project should be conveniently accessible to the daily necessities like educational institutes, healthcare facilities, and shopping areas. Also, the location should be as close as possible to the work location so that the daily commute is not a hassle.

3. Safety and Security

The location of the project should be in a residential locality with a sizeable population living in the vicinity. This will ensure that untoward incidents that may harm the physical and mental well-being of the residents of your home are not compromised. The project should have at least the basic security features like a security guard manning the premises.

4. Builder Reputation

If you are unaware of the real estate industry in Pune, research the major players in the market. By knowing their record it will be easy to choose a builder of repute. Do not get swayed by offers and discounts by sub-standard developers. The number of builders offering 2 BHK flats in Pune is many. It is better to invest in a property by a reputed builder than to trust a developer who has a poor reputation.

5. Pricing and configuration

Depending on the budget choose a project with the best pricing and configuration. Projects fall in the affordable, mid-segment, and luxury categories. The amenities offered by these projects will also depend on which category they fall into. Configuration ranges from 1 room kitchen (RK) to a BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK flats in Pune so on and so forth to villas and independent bungalows.

These are some pointers to follow before buying your new home in Pune. It is important to check all the paperwork of the property you are about to buy.

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