The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Dream Apartment in Ernakulam

Ernakulam is a major economic hub of Kerala. In recent years it has become an ideal location for real estate development due to the rising infrastructure and economic development. The city boasts of the best infrastructure and provides many options for finding your dream apartment. Apartments in Ernakulam have the best facilities and amenities on par with projects in major cities of India.

Let us look at a guide for finding your dream apartment in Ernakulam:

1. Location

Imagine traveling long distances just to get to work. Or going far away from your home to buy daily essentials. These can turn out to be major issues if you do not select a good location. The place of your dream home will also determine the price. Prime locations command a greater price while budget apartments will be in developing locations. Either way, the location should be well-connected and easily accessible by public transport.

2. Research

Doing research will answer all the important questions like budget, location, configuration, and pricing. If you have done thorough research, you will have saved ample time reducing the total time taken to buy your dream home. Flats in Kochi fall into different categories like affordable, luxury, and mid-segment. Depending on your budget you can shortlist apartments.

3. Social Infrastructure

Look for a location that has all the essential services like schools, colleges, hospitals, entertainment options, and social hangouts. Socializing has become an important part of our lives. It is a means of recovering and refreshing from the daily grind. Cafes and restaurants that are near your new home will be easier to access and meet friends.

4. Budget

Time to take out your pen and paper. By estimating your finances you will arrive at a number that you can allocate towards buying your new home. In case you are taking a loan, you must estimate how much savings you have for making a downpayment. Also, you must factor in the EMI payouts from your monthly income. These calculations will help you arrive at a budget that will decide the location, size, and price of the dream apartment.

5. Due diligence

Check if all the land titles are in the developer’s name. The land and the property should not have any pending disputes. Check if there are no defaulted payments with the authorities. The project should have all the certificates and permissions that are required during possession. This is one of the most important steps before purchasing the property in Kerala to avoid unnecessary expenses and stress at a later stage.

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