Top 5 Amenities That Home Buyers Will Look For While Buying Property in Jaipur

The fast-growing city of Jaipur is poised to become a major destination for home-buyers. The rapid development of infrastructure and industry is attracting many professionals who will ultimately seek residential properties in the city. A wide range of choices is made available by builders and developers to home buyers to pick and choose. One of the ways to select properties is through the amenities offered by the project. Builders in Jaipur are constantly trying to lure home buyers by being creative with amenities and facilities.

Choosing the right amenities involves some thought and homework before one blindly gets sold on them.

1. Water Supply

Water is a necessity of life. Without water, it is impossible for any household to function. There must be adequate facilities to ensure 24×7 water supply. If there is a water shortage in a locality, you must make sure that adequate water storage facilities are provided. All projects that offer 2 BHK flats in Jaipur should have adequate water storage facilities to avoid water shortage.

2. Power Back-up

If a particular locality has frequent power cuts then the residential project must have a power back-up facility to ensure continuous power supply. This becomes very important for apartments as climbing several flights is problematic for senior citizens and disabled people if there is a power cut.

3. Security

Security translates to peace of mind and comfort. Every residential project must ensure that its members are safe. Security features like gated access, CCTV camera surveillance, intercom systems, and security personnel are expected from residential projects in Jaipur. Owning a property in Jaipur without security is a job half done.

4. Accessibility

The property should be connected to the rest of the city by road. It should also be easily accessible by public transportation like buses and trains. Residents who need to commute to work or travel within the city need these basic facilities every day. Proximity to educational institutes, hospitals, and supermarkets is vital as these too are accessed almost every day. Location and connectivity are important considerations for home buyers.

5. Recreational facilities

It is not uncommon to find amenities like a swimming pool, clubhouse, and sports facilities in most residential flats in Jaipur. These recreational facilities have proven to be a means of rejuvenation for young families with growing children. They are also an ideal means of socializing to form neighborhood communities. Projects with 3 BHK flats in Jaipur usually have all these recreational facilities.

These 5 amenities are the basic ones that you should look for. These have been listed in the order of their importance.

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