Top Reasons Why Pune Real Estate is Better Than Mumbai

Location is a crucial factor in the process of homebuying, especially when it comes down to all the metropolitan destinations. Real estate market works on the increasing demand of the new potential homebuyers and their requirements. Mumbai is the financial hub of the country and is renowned for the residential living. However, because of a very high demand, there are better opportunities of upcoming projects in Pune.

Below are a few reasons why


Builders in Pune have built projects that provide the same quality of living that you will find in Mumbai. However, the standard of living and expenses are higher in Mumbai due to the shortage of spaces. Buying 1 BHK flats in Pune would cost way less than the ones in Mumbai while providing some of the best amenities as well as an established infrastructure.

Spacious living

Pune is known to be the country’s second most preferred city for residential lifestyle. There are 4 major factors that help decide the best location for buying real estate they are physical, infrastructural, governance and economical. There also are fundamental factors like climatic conditions and pollution that determine a good living. While Mumbai experiences a hot temperature due to increased pollution, Pune has more moderate climatic conditions that make it better for living.

Upgrade options

Looking for 2 BHK flats in Pune versus looking for them in Mumbai, you will see that Mumbai does not have many options to include all the amenities that take a lot space. This means that upgrading your lifestyle will not only cost you more but the chances of getting the appreciation in Mumbai is difficult. However, the builders in Pune are coming up with projects that not only are affordable but also come with the best amenities. This assures the appreciation value of upgrading the property.

Career opportunity

Although Mumbai is the financial hub of the country, there are more commercial opportunities in Pune, with the IT industry bringing in the best companies to the city. There are EON IT Park, ICC Towers, Cerebrum IT Park, Weikfield and so many more commercial sectors in Pune. This brings up the chances of boosting the career opportunities for the working class and provides them with the social environment they need for growth.

In conclusion, Mumbai will always be the best places to buy property and have a living, but Pune promises you the better quality of life in much convenient rate. Make sure you have a complete study about how to get the value of investment you deserve before you make a decision.

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