What Makes A Buyer Attracted To Buying Property in Chennai

Chennai is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu and one of the major metropolitan cities of the country. It is the cultural capital of South India and the third most visited city in India by international tourists. The coastal city has tropical weather and a rich South Indian heritage of art, music, dance, food, temples, and culture.

Chennai is one of the oldest metropolitan cities in India boasting of people from across the country having their homes here. It is a well-developed city with an international airport and the second-busiest port in the country. Chennai has one of the most well-developed real estate markets in South India.

Let us look at some important facts related to the real estate market:

1. Robust Economy

Chennai is known for its automobile manufacturing and allied industries. It is a hub for automotive and auto components with the world’s leading manufacturers based out of the city. It also has a leading Electronics and IT/ ITES sector that is second only to Bangalore in terms of exports. These thriving industries employ millions of professionals making Chennai a hub for residential real estate.

2. Connectivity and Accessibility

This metropolitan has a well-developed network of roads and rails that allow easy accessibility and connectivity to all locations within the city. The modes of transportation like buses, taxis, auto rickshaws, local trains, and the new metro provide seamless connectivity with good frequency. The residents can easily access these to move in and around the city. Real Estate builders in Chennai are exploring all the areas to provide quality homes to home buyers.

3. Social Infrastructure

Chennai has some of the best institutes in the country and the world. It is known for its avenues for quality education and has students flocking from all parts of the country who also get an opportunity to find employment after their education. The city has world-class hospitals, entertainment avenues like shopping malls and multiplexes, and other recreational facilities. Most ongoing projects in Chennai provide all the modern amenities to meet the buyer’s expectations.

4. Affordable living

The cost of living in Chennai is less than most other major cities in India. The food, transportation, real estate, and entertainment are cheaper in the city. It is cheaper to own a flat or a villa in the city when compared to other cities. For example, a 2 BHK flats in the OMR region is available for as low as INR 35 lacs. This makes Chennai a very attractive destination for home buyers with a limited budget.

Chennai also has many options for short trips and weekend getaways in and around the city. One can expect to live a complete life with family and friends if they make the city their home.

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