Why Buying 2 BHK Flats in Kochi is A Better Option

Real estate is a lucrative market, with the flexibility that caters to all kinds of home buyers’ requirements. The most important thing to understand when looking for projects in Kochi is the configuration of the apartment that is compatible with your needs. This means that all the members of your family should be able to live peacefully and have enough of their personal space.

The rising standards of real estate make the 2 BHK flats for sale in Kochi preferred and the reasons are mentioned below:

Price differences

Builders in Kochi construct projects with a good range of configurations starting right from compact homes to luxury apartments. These configurations are designed with a measurement to fit a specific amount of people. A nuclear family that has just started its journey of life can accommodate in a 1 BHK home and a grown family with more than 4 members would require a 3 or 4 BHK home. The price of these configurations varies massively because of the space and the amenities that come with them. Amongst them, 2 BHK homes come at an effective price and with a satisfactory number of amenities.


When you check out the luxury flats, you realize that the maintenance of a bigger space involves a lot of time and resources. This might be ignored in the beginning but it might become hectic in the future. The balance is attained when you can afford the property and its maintenance. 2 BHK flats in Kochi are perfectly affordable in terms of buying and maintaining which makes them the preferred configuration for families.

Easy to rent

If you are ever planning to expand your real estate assets, you are bound to put your property on rent. The larger population that looks for rental apartments are either bachelor or middle-class families. These targeted groups are inclined on investing in 2 BHK flats and not above it, which means the chances of you finding rentals with a 2 BHK home are higher than any other configuration.

Loan availability

When you try to avail of a bank loan on any property, there needs to be an understanding between you and the bank for the number of funds you are looking for against the value of the property. The convenience of prices for a 2 BHK apartment in Kochi can easily get you the best bank loan there is with a minimum gap between the loan amount and the price of the property which might not be the case with a higher configuration.

In conclusion, investing in real estate does not mean your other expenditure is going to be neglected and you must choose a property that does not poke a hole in your pockets. The above-mentioned reasons are why investing in 2 BHK flats is more sensible. Make sure you think your investment plan through before making the decision.

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